HAHAHAHA another pointless posttt. so i love this space so much. i can write anything i like without worrying shit like i usually do in my blogspot/tumblr page. SO im sitting alone in starbucks PS. enjoying my alone time in christmas holiday 🙂 its so nice. anyway i just watched ARISAN 2. it was so epic, i love it! the casts are just so funny and Tora Sudiro is as hot as always.

anyway i wonder kenapa ya orang2 suka banget kalo diajak jalan jawabannya males. I mean, i dont get that. like, can you seriously come up with better excuses? maksud gw, bohong kek dengan alesan yang lebih sopan. dont you think ‘males’ is just a bit rude to say. gw personally gapernah deh kayanya kalo diajak pergi males. yeah, gatau juga sih dengan orang lain. lagi males aja belakangan orang kalo nolak jalan alesannya males.